About Company

Our goal is to be known as a pioneer in the industry. We always focus on creating value for our contract farmers, our customers, our employees, our business partners and the community by respecting all related regulations, laws and business ethics.



Karikun Foreign Trade Limited Company was established in Izmir in 2022 with organic food projects and experienced team. We set out to contribute to the development of organic production in the world. We are working to be the first name that comes to mind in quality and trust in this journey that we have just started. We show that we are a member of international trade with the quality control system starting from product analysis and the right logistics approach. We follow the developments in the market to maximize customer satisfaction. We are oriented according to the needs and actions of our customers. Our products are certified organically according to NOP/USDA standards.


Organic Agriculture

Turkey has great potential to grow many products due to its ecology, geographical and topographical structure and various climate characteristics. Organic farming; it refers to a production system that maintains the balance in nature, ensures the continuity of living things in nature, achieves maximum efficiency with optimum use of natural resources and energy. It is a production system that must be checked and certified at every stage such as production, processing, marketing from manufacturer to consumer. We offer our products to our consumers in the healthiest way without compromising our understanding of quality. We work with farmers who farm organically on fertile soils.Our products do not contain pesticides and preservatives. They are the most trusted and delicious products for healthy eating.


Quality & Food Safety

Through our quality management, we constantly optimize our entire company, from raw materials to the quality of products and services. In line with the HACCP quality concept, we implement all processes with FDA approval and ISO 9001 certificate. The basic idea of the system is based on systematic analysis of the flow of products from raw materials to our final products. All processes from supplier selection to the storage and distribution of final products to our customers are monitored according to the desired quality. In this way, health hazards caused by biological and physical risks can be eliminated as much as possible. It is our responsibility to provide our customers with the highest quality safe food.



Organic farming; It comes across as an integrated approach to the human, environmentally and economically sustainable agricultural production system. It is a manufacturer, marketer and provider that offers natural solutions for the food industry. We work with many different people from all over the world by achieving this goal every day, we use raw materials and many more resources. Our focus and actions respect the principles of sustainability. We understand sustainability as an opportunity to balance economic, ecological and efficiency in order to guarantee the long term.

Our Organic Product Journey

Live Water

After the soil is aerated, it is mixed with animal manure. In this way, the necessary minerals for the growth of the plant are provided, and then planted. Seedlings prepared by farmers are planted in the ground. After planting, the first life water is given.

Harvest time

The product that farmers harvest from their gardens from their fields is labeled and sent to the factories. Labeling is done so that the products are not infected.


Harvesting from farmers' fields is packaged in factories. It is put in boxes with dimensions of 20, 25, 50 kilograms.


The boxes are placed on the trucks, a new process begins to you. We deliver for you by land and by sea to any place.We deliver on time.